I am an Australian fabric tragic, a  mother of 3, living in NSW.

I have been sewing since I was a teenager, with a need to wear the latest fashions and no way to afford them. Sewing was my answer. I have developed a love of beautiful fabrics and have been collecting them and imagining the creation of my ideas ever since .

I have always been a person who sews making numerous costumes for school plays .I have an incredibly supportive family and  I let my fashion skills stagnate when my kids were young.

I am now taking  the time to indulge my interest and  aided by the challenge of the RTW FAST 2014 I started sewing up a storm. I have rediscovered how much I  enjoy drafting and adjusting patterns for an original interesting final garment.

I am loving all the amazingly talented people I have found through the RTW Fast and online and have enjoyed restraining myself from shopping immensely, so I will again be a part of it for 2015.


Happy Sewing,

Sue 🙂IMG_1686 edit


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