Where I find myself now……

Hi ,

Sorry I have been absent for a while . I am still sewing and there are lots of things to share but I need to let you know that my life has changed drastically.

In Dec 2020 I injured my knee and it would not support me .
In January 2021 I had a fall whilst building a bed that shattered my shoulder so I had a reverse shoulder replacement.

Then in June 2022 I had an ACL reconstruction. Lots to deal with that have made blogging way down on the list of priorities.

In August 2022 I was diagnosed with ALS a form of Motor Neurone Disease . I have been told I have the slow onset type but it still affects my legs . So I can’t take a picture of myself any more I can’t move fast enough.

I have made lots of things over the past few years but I will just put up what I have pictures of .

This is the latest make , I finished this top a few weeks back.

This top is a very comfortable style a little fiddly as I made it in silk chiffon from The sewing Basket shop at Newington. French seams throughout . I added elastic to the sleeve edge .

The pattern is M 7760

I will definitely make it again it is easy to wear.

The pants are a pleated black satin knit I made using the Tessuti Robbie pant pattern but added elastic stitched at the waist . This was the first outing for these pants as I had made them in 2020 but didn’t wear them . They work well for me now as I get around in a wheelchair often they are easy on and very comfortable.

I hope you are enjoying your life and making the most of every day. That’s what I am trying to do. Every day is the best I can be so I need to make the most of everyday.

Take care,

Happy Sewing 😊


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The Here and Now,

Hi All,

I have been very neglectful of my blog in recent times . I think it was hard to feel motivated to chat about my makes when I really didn’t have any interest. I was making masks like everyone being careful and staying home, helping family and not working like so many others. I had a few jobs to do in my workroom but no costume work.

In 2020 I did quite a bit of sewing and one garment I was really happy with was made using a free Mood pattern called The Wilder Top. It is wonderful that you can get so many great patterns from Mood. This pattern works really well with the embroidered mesh or organza that is around at the moment.

This pattern was really easy to make up it is one of the few that needed no adjustment at the waist, to accommodate my high waist . I did use French seams so that they would be invisible, though.

The fabric was purchased from Spotlight in a sale. I hadn’t decided what to make until I saw the mood pattern. I love it and will definitely make more from this pattern in the future.

Although it may be a slow start to 2021 as I have fractured my shoulder and had a reverse shoulder total reconstruction. As my workroom is not conducive to a sling , I will need to wait a while before I can get back in there.

I hope you have a safe and healthy Year,

Happy Sewing 🙂


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Me Made May 2020 part 2

Hi there,

I needed to break up the me made may post just because of the sheer volume of information  and  of time involved.  I am not a fan of hours in front of a screen , so  I needed to break it up. Now we have the rest of the month Day 16, to Day 31 .

Day 16 to 31.

Day 31

The list of garments,

Day 16:- Fabric from Spotlight last year, a self drafted cosy top .

Day 17 :- Pattern Marcy Tilton V8430 again. A boiled wool that I needle felted on to replicate the design on the pattern envelope.

Day 18:- The Travel Dress from Rhonda Buss at sewbussted.com . A great pattern made from Spotlight lightweight knit with wool surface design.

Day 19 :- Kyoto Vest from Tessuti patterns made in a wool remnant from The fabric Store.

Day 20 :- Leopard print knit fabric from Spotlight in blue. The pattern is from Studiofaro design ideas pattern challenge.

Day 21:- A felted silk wrap shawl. I made this in a workshop I did with Rae Woolnough. a textile  artist in Sydney.

Day 22 :- A Raincoat that is my go to it is a Marcy Tilton pattern V9070 I made it in black rainproof fabric from Spotlight.

Day 23:- This is a three way wrap I made from a Pitt Trading wool remnant.

Day 24 :- A Style Arc “Samantha”top. I have made it before in this.

Day 25 :- A grey fake fur coat , fabric from Spotlight the pattern is Burda Style  here .

Day 26 :- A lovely felted wool coat lined in silk , a Burda Style pattern details here.

Day 27 :- A self drafted A line dress in fabric I absolutely adore. I am sorry I had it on my stash and did not make a note of where I got it.

Day 28 :- A self drafted jumpsuit details here. 

Day 29 :- A over top in silk and a satin under slip top both Burda Style patterns details here.

Day 30 :-V9305 Tunic , I have made it before.

Day 31 :- A wool Coat fabric from The Fabric Store last winter. Finished this Autumn. A Burda style pattern 6987.

I hope you are well and safe and staying on top at this crazy time.

The more I am delving into the garments I have made , I am rediscovering those pieces I love and those I need to tweak . Over time  my taste has changed and also  my wardrobe requirements . I find these days (when I get back to work) that I am more often in pants and rarely in dresses even in Summer so my wardrobe will have to adjust accordingly. I am not wearing heels these days so hems need to be adjusted to reflect that. Versatility is the backbone of my creative process I love making things that can be worn a number of ways.

As we move into winter here in Australia I realise I have neglected my winter garments and need to up my game. I am spending a lot of time in my workroom but doing lots for others and not much for myself , time to readjust. I hope to have some new makes to show, and  will blog those I haven’t, It is time to get to work.

Take care, happy creating,

Sue 🙂


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Me Made May 2020


I decided to participate in Me Made May  again for  2020. I felt like it gave me something to do a purpose if you will to wear one garment made by me everyday for the month of May. I really love the clothes I make sometimes for a long time, and sometimes temporarily and I find new homes for them. So here are the ones for Autumn this year.

My choices for the first 15 days;

Day 1IMG_3129                 TabardDay 2

Day 3Style Arc dressKimono jkt remakeDay 4

Day 5Wiksten Top      Sandra Betzina pattern 6

Day 7Tessuti JktSeldrafted Mexican weave top 8

SB Top,jkt,skirtDay 9 Wiksten Tunic 10

Day 11Lace Jktselfdrafted top12

Day 13MT jktDay 14Burda Style top and vest

Tessuti Sydney jktDay 15

Day 1:- A self drafted top made from an open weave silk remnant.

Day 2 :- A Wool Tabard  pattern V1569 made from fabric from Spotlight a wool textured weave and assorted wool remnants from my stash.

Day 3 :- Style Arc patterns Sydney Dress in a tencel and cotton mix.

Day 4 :- A self drafted reversible jacket using silk from a vintage kimono jacket . I unpicked the kimono jacket then discovered that the reverse of the fabric was wonderful so I knew it needed to be reversible

reverse kimono

reverse side of jacket

Day 5 :- Wiksten Shift top made in Liberty cotton from The Fabric Store.

Day 6 :- A V1355 Sandra Betzina pattern I like to call secret pyjamas. Also with a reversible top and a reversible self drafted wrap. I do like versatility in my clothes.

Day 7 :- A V9057 Marcy Tilton top pattern and the Tessuti  Sydney Jacket.

Day 8:- A boxy style top self drafted using a remnant from Spotlight.

Day 9:- My entry in Tessuti  knots and Crosses competition using V1644 Kathryn Brenne pattern for the jacket. A self drafted top and a Shape Shape 2 skirt/pant pattern.

Day 10 :- Wiksten Shift in Linen from Pitt trading .

Day 11 :- A V1356 Sandra Betzina jacket  made in a textured lace layered fabric from Spotlight.

Day 12 :- A self drafted top made in “Cotton + Steel, cotton fabric , Wildwood peonies navy”. If you get a chance to use this fabric made by this company it is gorgeous to wear. I purchased mine from Miss Matabi Japanese fabric store online.

Day 13 :- A Marcy Tilton pattern V8430 this is a tried and true pattern I go back to it a lot.

Day 14 :- A Burda style Day with the top (made in silk chiffon)  a 12/2015 magazine pattern 124, and the vest (boiled wool ) pattern 112 from magazine 10/2014.

Day 15 :- Top is a sheer stretch Willara pattern from Boho banjo patterns, the jacket is another Tessuti Sydney Jacket another tried and true pattern.

I hope you are well and feeling positive . This new world we find ourselves in will take some getting used to , stay safe be kind to yourself and others.

Happy creating if you can ,

Sue 🙂


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2020 The View From Here

Hi there,

I hope you are safe and well.

I am quite embarrassed by my lack of posting last year. I sewed loads and just couldn’t tackle the job of posting . My computer was a challenge that didn’t seem to be a priority at that time.

I suffered a back injury at the end of 2018 and it has impacted me in many ways. I don’t move as quickly or as smoothly as I once did but I am working hard to try and get back there.

It has not however affected my ability to sew, and creating is my sanity saving strength.

A quick run down of 2019.

I did some work last year in costume.

A short film on location, “The End and The Begininng” Directed by Archie Chew.


A stage play in Sydney.

innishmaan 1

Also an on stage show   “Anarchy”  in collaboration with Enmore Tafe, A Grecian Goddess was the brief.


I will sort my 2019  makes  for myself and upload later.

For 2020 however I can show you one that I think I will be making a few more of.

The pattern is V9305.






This pattern is great to make a simple design .                I used a lovely viscose fabric  bought from

Pitt Trading an online fabric store 

. It gives this beautiful  soft drape, and to finish the neck edge I bound it with silk organza in pale blue. I forgot to take construction pictures as I was in a hurry to have it ready .  It was  made in November 2019. 

This  garment is a pleasure to wear, cool and comfortable.I hope you and your loved ones are safe and well in this crazy time.

Happy Sewing,

Sue  🙂










The support and encouragement the sewing community gives one another is a wonderful testament to the generosity of the human spirit. Something we all need today and for the foreseeable future.

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I love Lace

Hi there,

Sorry I have taken so long . I have finished my Diploma in costume production so if you would like to see my creations click on this link, https://ombrenuno.com/

I made a quick lace top again grey in colour for my costume presentation. The lace came from Tessuti fabrics in Surrey Hills . I popped in looking for something to go with my latest Tessuti Robbie pants a grey and white linen .

The lace is pictured here a gorgeous grey and white cotton lace .

I decided that in order to get what I needed I would join it invisibly. The top is a simple style self drafted and easy to wear and I love it .

It was lovely to wear and worked well here I am wearing it with my model for my costume.

Happy sewing

Sue 😊

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Liberty Fabric

Hi there,

Hope you are enjoying life.

It is still hot here in my little part of Australia so it is hard to think about sewing for winter. I have an extensive collection of natural fibre fabrics for warm weather sewing, to inspire me in and around my Tafe sewing.

I was fortunate enough to get wind of the Fabric store sale on Liberty cottons at the beginning of the year  so raced in and bought a few different types to use.

One was this lovely print. It feels incredible so light.


I love the colours so much that  I promptly cut out a top to make for myself. (No post on that yet haven’t started it). But when I had cut it out I realised because of the width of the fabric that I had enough to make a shirt for my husband. I had a discussion with him about Easter and he declared he wanted no chocolate this year , so I offered to make him a Summer shirt for Easter.

As is often the case I jump in,  I hadn’t made a mans  shirt before but as I was  basing it on a RTW shirt he liked and using a pattern I had  I figured I would be ok.

The pattern I used was M2447.Capture

The alterations needed were done to replicate his shirt and it came together really well. I lined the collar with navy linen. jb3jb2It fits really well and he is very pleased with it so much so he wore it to our family Easter lunch.

The photo with the belated message is of our view for lunch.





I hope you are enjoying this time of year wherever you are,
Happy Sewing
Sue 🙂

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A Spot of Fun

Hi there,

I get inspiration from lots of different places. A picture of something, a glimpse of a shape or colour that looks interesting can spark the quest to make the item that fulfils the promise made to self . My inspiration for the newest blogged garment came from an image I screenshot from a website or blog I didn’t make a note of the source  but here it is. I love the look of this so  I thought I would attempt to make a version that worked for me.denim
Now I am sure you are aware I am not a tall model type so I needed to factor in what I have learned about styles that suit me.

  1. Must not drown me in fabric
  2. Must not be to long cropped lengths work best.
  3. Must be comfortable or I won’t wear it.
  4. Must also be practical, anything too like hard work will stay in the wardrobe as well.
  5. Must be  made from fabric from my stash.                                                                                                                                                                                             Armed with my riding instructions I went looking in my stash for denim that would work. I have a bit of denim as I had bought it to make shorts and pants for my kids but then didn’t. I have also bought it to use for myself over the years but for some reason didn’t use it.                            This is the fabric I found.denim printeditIt is a spotty denim print .As you can see in this next picture the blue is printed onto the white denim. Leaving white spots.inside denim edit I decided to use a favourite pattern that I thought would lend itself to the design I wanted.  The pattern I used is a McCalls. From the NYNY collection 6437.I had made this pattern years ago and I still enjoy wearing the garment.IMG_5571editThe style I was after was a little different but it gave me a point to start from. I have no construction photos it was a fast and furious make , you know when something is coming together well, and you have time, you just race on with it.                              I decided to incorporate the selvage as a trim .selvidge edit It is interesting.                                                                            I overlocked my seams .edit seamsand I gave my self a large hem just in case I change my mind on the length.                                                                                                                                                       Hem denim edit

The finished jumpsuit is fun and comfortable I am very happy with this my next RTWFAST 2018 garment. The denim is light weight and its any easy wear jumpsuit.

A fun summer addition that will do well for my Tafe classes I think.

I hope you a having fun and success with all that you do.

Happy Sewing  🙂


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Here I Go Again, 2018 RTW FAST

RTW2018Hi there ,

I have committed to the RTW Fast again,  this time for 2018.

I am hopeful that I will have a little more time this year to sew up the gorgeous fabrics in  my stash. I plan on getting more organised in my sewing room and will plan to post as often once a week if I can .

My first make for this year is a pair of pants using the Tessuti Robbie Pant. This is my go to summer pant so comfortable in Linen . This version I had cut out with my others last summer but hadn’t finished . I didn’t put the pockets on them this time and I quite like the clean look.

These have already been worn a few times they are great. The temperature here has been ridiculously hot ( 47.1 degrees Celsius ) the top ,so it helps to have comfy cool clothing .

How are your sewing plans for the New Year? I have decided to make use of the shrink your stash challenge .stash tracker

My plan is to make use of more of my fabric collection which lets face it is extensive and try to not to buy any more and keep track. I am in awe at the expected output of a fellow 2018 RTW fast member and blogger I have just discovered Sarah. This is where I got the link so have a look ,amazing plan.


I cannot commit to this level of sewing as I still have a year of my course to finish but I am going to be more mindful of making what is missing in my wardrobe and giving away those things I don’t wear, it’s time.

Ambitious or achievable? I am a fan of ambitious planning to achieve as much as possible ,it keeps me moving.

I have to keep up the momentum I have missed sewing for myself . I need to organise my stash and make note of what I have .The challenge is also that my sewing room is in the attic with no air conditioning  just a fan to keep me cool. In Summer Cotton gloves are my new best friend keeps sweat marks off delicate fabrics. In Winter alpaca finger less gloves keep me warm. We do whatever we need to and for me sewing is a necessary part of my creative life, I get so much satisfaction from it and I love it.

I hope you are finding satisfaction from the process and the  success in your creative pursuits.

Happy Sewing ,

Sue  🙂

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2017 My Year in Review

Hi there,

I have been very absent this year on the blog  Sorry, my course and work meant there was next to no  time for selfish sewing.

I have been sewing up a storm at work I am working at a dressmaking and alteration business as well as doing my course at TA

This year I completed Stage 1 of the “Diploma of Live production and technical services” Costume. Which in a nutshell is the first year of my 2 year course. I have also completed a Certificate 3 in Millinery, so I have lots of creations to show for my year.

The first creations were the corsetry needed for an 18th Century women’s garment.

IMG_4009IMG_4010I made the petticoat as well. Next was the finished costume . Front View, and back view




















A classical  Tutu is the next costume I had to complete. My first try at this type of costume ,lets just say  that I found the netting to be a whole other experience as a very tactile person I  didn’t enjoy using it though it is essential.

The next costume was a 50’s dress.

I drafted the pattern and made it to fit me to wear to a party.IMG_4328a

The next completed costume was a harlequin to go with the lady.

I made the costume to fit my husband. I made the mask in latex and the hat in my millinery class.7518833248_IMG_3697

There were other under garments made and the start of an Edwardian walking suit.

My millinery makes were in all types of materials and was an incredibly interesting course.

IMG_4025aIMG_4041aIMG_4797aIMG_4335ahat 2IMG_1967aIMG_4407IMG_4896bc

So that’s  my round-up for 2017. A very productive and busy year but hopefully next year will be more of a year to make time  for myself.

Happy Sewing,

Sue 🙂



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