A shirt dress what’s not to like?

I love a shirt dress ,that piece of clothing that is a bit more versatile than a dress or a jacket as it is both. I am a fan of clothing that is multi purpose that has some scope to play .The pattern is V9299.

I have had this pattern V9299 for a while I love the sleeves.

I managed to purchase some lovely vintage silk from The Sewing Basket a charity shop in Newington NSW. I wanted to use the whole pattern so it is quite long .

As a jacket
Back view

This is the view D with a straight hem. It is very nice to wear. I love silk .

Happy Sewing,

Sue 😊

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Lovely Green Lace

A few years ago , I was given some lace by my friend . She had received it from a deceased estate that had been left with her. It wasn’t something that she would use so she gifted it to me. Not long after I received it I made some things.

I spent a bit of time deciding what I would make and settled for a cropped bomber jacket and a long jacket .

This is the bomber jacket pattern I used .
It looks very cute but not on me so I gave it to a dear young friend .
This is more my style

I made the long version self drafted with a split sleeve and side splits and used vintage glass buttons and thread loops to close it . As I like long tunic style tops, I have a self drafted pattern I use, (although now unless they have split sides I can’t really wear them sitting in my wheelchair). I am adding split sides to lots of previous makes these days, so that I can still wear them.

It is a light layer to wear .
I don’t have a picture of me in it but I have worn it a few times.

Hope you are enjoying your week . May creativity fuel your days. I have loads of garments to share with you over time hope you like these.

Happy Sewing,


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Lovely Blue Floral


Today I am blogging about a jacket I made quite a few years ago but for some reason I didn’t blog about it . I still wear it and love it. The pattern is a Vogue Marcy Tilton Pattern V8982 I don’t know if it’s available anymore. As a short person it is better to wear cropped jackets . They are more flattering and now being in a wheelchair I find they work well .

I made the jacket but I will make another and a vest I think going forward. A great pattern.
Perfect buttons
The fabric was a gorgeous linen from The Fabric store.
I underlined the bodice with a white cotton taken from an old sheet . It is beautifully soft .

When I bought this linen I also bought a matching blue linen and made the Tessuti Robbie pant with that. I have blogged about those. This is a delightful jacket to wear light and bright and feels incredible on .

Happy Sewing,


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Dragons Anyone

Hi there,

I have over the years tried to make gifts for the small people in my life that are a bit different. Last year I made dragons. I used Simplicity pattern 8715

I used the dragon with wings pattern

I have made 10 dragons so far with 5 more to go then I will be finished forever .

I think making these has contributed to my hands losing strength and dexterity due to fatigue . I have been advised that the less I fatigue my hands the longer they will still work. I have also been advised to find interests that don’t involve using my hands to much . This is a tricky ask as a tactile creative , I am looking at electric scissors and tools to help me navigate this.

The first dragon
The next 2
The next 2
2 more
Poly fill and teddy bear stuffing tool essential for this process
Lots of fiddly pieces to put together and stuff.

This is really not a quick sew but all the little people who have received these love their shoulder dragons .

Hope you are enjoying your creative exploits,

Happy Sewing,


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Again Sewn with Love

As I had made a birthday jacket for my son from the silk kimono jackets my daughter requested some shirts from other ones.

Vogue 1476
Gorgeous silk

These three were made for her as a birthday gift as well . I also gave her a shirt I had made many years before I fixed the buttons and buttonholes and tidied it up my skill has improved in the last 30 years.

Me wearing it in LA many years ago.

I don’t know what pattern I used for this shirt . The print is very retro .

I hope you are well and creating however you can,

Happy Sewing ,

Sue 😊

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Sewn with Love

In 2021 I decided to make a birthday present for my son using 2 vintage silk kimono jackets.

I asked him to select the colours he liked then I proceeded to make a reversible bomber jacket for him . I had his measurements and was able to do a fitting when he came up from Melbourne in March that year so it was ready for his July birthday when he was in lockdown.

One jacket
He preferred the inside colour
The other jacket
The grey side
The red side
The pattern I used for this make

I ordered the reversible open ended zip online and ordered a few extra for next time.The kimono jackets were purchased from Edo Arts a Sydney Japanese furniture and textiles store .

This was an enjoyable make and my son really likes it.

Happy Sewing

Sue 😊

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Melbourne cup fun

Hi ,

As I said last week I will show you the ensemble I created to wear last year to a Melbourne Cup luncheon. Also the top I blogged about last week .

Arrival time wearing my jacket Headpiece and the top .

I made a jacket in a pink tweed fabric it is unlined and I altered the pattern to accommodate wheelchair ease of use. Splits at the side , not restricting full sleeves for movement.

Jacket and headpiece
Back view

The jacket is unlined so good to wear in warmer weather. It is really comfortable . I bought a pink headband piece then using the fabrics of my makes and some ribbons, I altered it to work for me .

I had a lovely day

This look came together when a friend was visiting we got the offer to attend the lunch and then looked at my stash and I came up with a plan.

This is the pattern for the jacket and the fabric I used .

I changed the jacket sleeves added bows and added the belt. I shortened it and added patch pockets to the front .

This was a very satisfying make and two pieces I will enjoy wearing.

Happy Sewing ,

Sue 😊

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Fabric love

Hi ,

I have always been drawn to fabrics that are a little different fibre content is important but sometimes I am so in love with the possibilities that I play .

Side view
Back view

This amazing fabric was part of a fabric swap I attended with Sydney Spoolettes a few years ago.

It is silk with rows of triangle pieces of silk attached it feels glorious to wear . I made the tunic top a self drafted boxy style. I had the rows going straight across for the arms and neck area and going down around the body with an overlap at left centre front . It was made to wear at a Melbourne cup lunch . I will post those pics next time.

Happy Sewing,

Sue 😊

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Where I find myself now……

Hi ,

Sorry I have been absent for a while . I am still sewing and there are lots of things to share but I need to let you know that my life has changed drastically.

In Dec 2020 I injured my knee and it would not support me .
In January 2021 I had a fall whilst building a bed that shattered my shoulder so I had a reverse shoulder replacement.

Then in June 2022 I had an ACL reconstruction. Lots to deal with that have made blogging way down on the list of priorities.

In August 2022 I was diagnosed with ALS a form of Motor Neurone Disease . I have been told I have the slow onset type but it still affects my legs . So I can’t take a picture of myself any more I can’t move fast enough.

I have made lots of things over the past few years but I will just put up what I have pictures of .

This is the latest make , I finished this top a few weeks back.

This top is a very comfortable style a little fiddly as I made it in silk chiffon from The sewing Basket shop at Newington. French seams throughout . I added elastic to the sleeve edge .

The pattern is M 7760

I will definitely make it again it is easy to wear.

The pants are a pleated black satin knit I made using the Tessuti Robbie pant pattern but added elastic stitched at the waist . This was the first outing for these pants as I had made them in 2020 but didn’t wear them . They work well for me now as I get around in a wheelchair often they are easy on and very comfortable.

I hope you are enjoying your life and making the most of every day. That’s what I am trying to do. Every day is the best I can be so I need to make the most of everyday.

Take care,

Happy Sewing 😊


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The Here and Now,

Hi All,

I have been very neglectful of my blog in recent times . I think it was hard to feel motivated to chat about my makes when I really didn’t have any interest. I was making masks like everyone being careful and staying home, helping family and not working like so many others. I had a few jobs to do in my workroom but no costume work.

In 2020 I did quite a bit of sewing and one garment I was really happy with was made using a free Mood pattern called The Wilder Top. It is wonderful that you can get so many great patterns from Mood. This pattern works really well with the embroidered mesh or organza that is around at the moment.

This pattern was really easy to make up it is one of the few that needed no adjustment at the waist, to accommodate my high waist . I did use French seams so that they would be invisible, though.

The fabric was purchased from Spotlight in a sale. I hadn’t decided what to make until I saw the mood pattern. I love it and will definitely make more from this pattern in the future.

Although it may be a slow start to 2021 as I have fractured my shoulder and had a reverse shoulder total reconstruction. As my workroom is not conducive to a sling , I will need to wait a while before I can get back in there.

I hope you have a safe and healthy Year,

Happy Sewing 🙂


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