A Little Lace

Hi All ,

I love remnant fabrics the possibilities and the inventive approach you need to make what you desire.

lace edit

This gorgeous lace was a remnant from a store called Pitt Trading in Ramsgate NSW.

It is cream and grey and I wanted the big sleeves and I also love the edge of the lace ,so I needed to figure out a way to make best use of it.

lace 2 edit

Using my tried and true stretch bodice block I cut out the front and back and also the sleeve just to below the elbow.

The seams are all french seams and the neckline is a self bind.

lace 5edit

This was a really quick make but it is gorgeous to wear.

The sleeve frills are just gathered into the the sleeve and stitched. My luck was such that I am short enough to be able to get this top out of the piece I had.

A camisole is needed under as it is sheer but just a delight.LaceSDtop

Now I really must update you on what has been happening with me.


So sorry it has been awhile since I posted but life is really busy.

I started my costume and Millinery courses and with them I also got a job working 4 days a week sewing. So I went from loads of time to scrambling to fit everything in. I am now down to two days work and on Study break although I have loads of work to get done for my course.

I will share my costume makes later no pictures of them yet.

I hope your creations are working for you,

Happy Sewing,

Sue 🙂

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2016 Year in Review

Hi All,

I thought I should look at all that I made and blogged this year. There are a few things made that I haven’t blogged about so they will have to go into 2017.

I am really amazed I thought I hadn’t done enough but I think I did ok.
I have lots more finished and unblogged and cut ready to go so I need to take more photos and get on that . It is nice to look back at all I finished in 2016. I feel a sense of accomplishment, it is great when you can see your wardrobe coming along through self made garments that you love to wear.

I hope you had a wonderful festive season and may 2017 be an inspiring creative year.

My news,

I am hoping to start a costume production course this year, I was accepted into it for 2016 but there were not enough qualified students so fingers crossed it will run this year . I have also applied to do a Millinery course as well so maybe I will feature some hats soon.

What are you looking to make next ?

I am contemplating a few sew a longs but do you  (anyone not in the USA) find it frustrating that we don’t have the latest release patterns from the big companies at the same time as the USA. You can order online but you pay a premium for postage. If I want to participate in the current sewalong I am looking at that is what I need to do , whinge over  :/ !!!

Oh well back to the machines 🙂

Happy Sewing,

Sue 🙂



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When is a top not just a top?

Hi all,

I picked up some rayon recently and didn’t want to cut into the wonderful pattern it was a remnant and I wanted to use it all.top summer.jpg

I just love the colours and the hand of this fabric so I set about making it work.

Firstly I folded in half and cut an opening the width of my under arm chest and back. I then used navy bias tape to finish the edge and added straps.top summer4.jpgtop handkerchief.jpg

This is the first interpretation a handkerchief effect not stitched side seams just hemmed. This looks great on my helper but on me not so much.

But I love the fabric its cool and moves well. So next I tucked in the straps and pushed it down to my hips I have pretty much the same measurements at the top and bottom so it worked . I needed a slight side seam but then good to go.topskirt2.jpgtopskirt.jpgtopskirt3.jpgtopskirt4.jpg

So now I have a top that doubles as a skirt, I think I like it better that way. What do you think?

The little over top I am wearing in these pictures is another remnant. A gorgeous piece of shot silk chiffon just enough for this little top, self drafted french seamed,with rolled hems, works well with my skirt.

Happy Sewing ,

Sue 🙂


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Vogue 1515

Hi everyone,

I hope you had a wonderful Christmas and enjoyed the festive season.

Here in Australia it is Summer and incredibly hot . This pattern another by Sandra Betzina is a winner. I am really becoming a fan she makes really fun and comfortable patterns that are great to wear and I love all the tips she gives in the instructions.

This pattern is for a top and skirt. The top has an interesting high neckline, it is sleeveless and has a high low hem.

The skirt has an interesting design line and pocket.


I decided as I am apt to do to not use a knit fabric as suggested, there are instructions and  pattern info for using woven fabrics so not super radical.

I made the skirt in this fabric :sbskirt A sheer crinkle crepe.

I underlined it in a sheer black polyester. I did put the piping in but then removed it it was too heavy in the fabric.

Then I used the top pattern to make three of them,( you know me it is a great shape I love an interesting neckline and sleeveless so couldn’t resist).

Fabrics are,

1. Embroidered organza in black underlined in black silk satin.(The silk satin was a long sleeved top that I no longer wore so I cut it up.)


2. A satin polyester fabric with a painterly grey print.





3. Is a Cotton Voile printed in shades of grey.




The garments came together quite quickly,SBtopskirt1.jpg

The organza top and the skirt.

SB top.JPGsb Top side.JPGSBtop2front.JPGSBtop2back.JPG

SBtop3front.JPGSBtop3 back.JPG I don’t know if you can tell from these pictures but the tops are all slightly different lengths. The cotton one is the shortest as I followed my standard bodice adjustment with this one and reduced the pattern by 4cm.The black  one is slightly longer as I thought it looked better with the skirt and the satin top is longest as it is the length of the pattern with no adjustment. I love all three of these tops and the skirt is a joy to wear.

Since I have the pictures up I must also give you the scoop on my linen pants.

I made the Tessuti Robbie pant  and absolutely love them .tessuti pant.JPG

I made one pair in a linen I had in my stash that I had dyed black it is not a heavy weight so lovely to wear in warm weather and I bought the gorgeous electric blue linen from Tessuti to make the blue ones. I am living in these at the moment and have another cut out to make . If you are a fan of linen pants these are great.


Until Next time,

Happy Sewing 🙂



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Fun and Easy V1355

Hi there,

Sorry I have been a bit slow to post I had a little bit of a busy time and the technology details of posting were bogging me down so I took a break.

Not from sewing just posting. Do you ever get fed up with the computer not doing what it had done before or a program just suddenly becoming so much more fiddly? I find sometimes I am fine and others I lose patience with all of it. I won’t bore you with the details but I am going to try to be more consistent from now on fingers crossed.

This week I am helping my son move , bringing my daughter home from college, and then next week driving interstate to collect my other son as he is also finished. So crazy busy. My sewing though is only behind on the blog I am sewing every free minute.

The Outfit I will share with you has  what I feel are the most comfortable pants I have made to date. V1355 is a Sandra Betzina pattern.

I decided to make this firstly in a knit . This  is in a reversal fabric so I made the top so that I can wear it either way. As you can see in the picture I started these when it was cold I love my alpaca fingerless gloves they make sewing easy in winter.



The next version was in a textured knit I  made the top a tunic style this fabric has stitched circles in pvc in rows so I had the challenge of lining them up.As you can see hand stitiching was needed.
This is a fun interesting garment . I lined it in sheer black mesh.sbpanttop6sbpanttop1sbpanttop

Capture SB Top.JPG

I first wore this in Melbourne. The picture was taken in my hotel room.

The next version was the pant in a woven fabric. This was a stash busting make as I had had this fabric for quite a while. Can’t remember where I bought it but have always liked it the print and black and ivory color also it is a rayon.sbpanttop-bjpg


I have teamed it in this pic with my little overtop  from Style Arc pattern Tammy dress.

I will definitely make more of these pants in knit. They are easy comfortable and I think flattering so a win .

Happy Sewing,

Hope you are having fun.

Sue 🙂

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The Skirt V9060

Mtedit.JPGI had purchased this pattern a while ago but had only recently gotten around to making it. It is Vogue 9060 another Marcy Tilton pattern what can I say I am a fan of her patterns. I find they fit well and are incredibly easy to wear.


This is the back of the pattern the line drawing gives a better look at the seams and style lines. It is an unusual skirt .

This is the fabric I used for 1 skirt a really nice stretch jacquard.The other fabric is a stretch that I had initially brought to make some pants. mtskirt


I have no construction images this was a really fast make and I didn’t think to pause. Sorry. I love these skirts.

They are really comfortable and easy wearing.


As you can see the skirt on the left is softer the fabric not as thick and a little more drapey than the right skirt.These are a terrific addition to my wardrobe.

They work for all seasons for me, we don’t have extreme weather conditions in Sydney ,seasons are pretty mild although summer can be pretty warm.

I really recommend this pattern it is a lovely make, feels great on , I will definitely make it again.

Happy Sewing,

Sue 🙂

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I Love V8430

This Marcy Tilton design  has been so versatile that I have made 4 jackets from this pattern.

MTjkt editThe first one I made was a little evening jacket. I used this fabric a black and silver lace like fabric.

fabric metallic.jpg


This fabric was great as it doesn’t fray so edges didn’t need finishing. It was a really quick make.

Next was my grey felted fabric


fabricback.jpgon the left is the outside and the right the inside it’s a really interesting wool. A really fun layering piece .I featured it in my MMMay16 week 4.



day 28The next jacket I made is an interpretation I altered it this time by making it longer and  I added pockets . The fabric I used was from a box of fabric given to me years ago that had come from a  menswear  factory. I used two  different pieces of wool .



The top one is a boiled wool and the bottom is a herringbone wool suiting. I lined it with my brown bemsilk lining that I purchased a whole roll of from Tessuti a few years ago . It is so good.

This is a lovely warm jacket to wear . Its first outing was to the rugby and it was great.

The latest make was using the boiled wool again but this time I made a short jacket and I tried my hand at felting for the first time.

I love it how fun this is.felting.jpg

If you get a chance try it.

It is easy and quick .

Gives you loads of creative options.

This is a fun warm jacket I think the felted details add character .

I am so happy with this make it came together really quickly.

This is the easiest pattern to use and it really lets you play.If you can get it do yourself a favour you will use it . I am a real fan of Marcy Tilton patterns ,she makes really easy to wear designs that are a joy to make.

What are you making?
Star’s Threads

I am taking part in the September sew for 30 minutes a day.

Not that I need any incentive I would happily sew all day if I could.

This is an incentive by Stars Threads, a member of the Make a garment a month facebook group.

 I am madly trying to catch up on the things I said I would make . Details soon.

Happy Sewing ,

Sue 🙂

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The MUST HAVE coat !

Hi there,

I made this coat pattern Marcy Tilton V9070MT Coat1 at the start of winter. In this black nylon with these buttons.MT Coat2

MT Coa4t

These are the basic details .But I really have to tell you this is a wonderful coat. It is my go to rain coat stylish and folds up to nothing a great throw in the bag coat or outer layer to insulate. It is an excellent travel coat.
I have lived in this coat from the moment it was finished I adore it.

MT Coat



Coat 2

If you have not tried this pattern, do yourself a favour.

It is detailed, but that’s fine, you do have to be a little careful ,but it is not hard to make.

I intend to make it again but for evening, I think it would be a great evening coat. It has lots of pockets and a great shape. I wear it all the time. It is really my go to coat. I wore it all through winter and I will use it year round.  It is light but this coat provides a barrier from the elements, making it just perfect for me. I love casual but interesting shapes. I find that Marcy Tilton patterns usually tick the boxes for me .The shapes and design lines I love and I found this one yet again hits the mark.

Don’t you just love it when you hit gold with a make. What is the pattern that has worked perfectly for you? Or fabric that is exactly right?

There is nothing nicer when the planets align and what you make you wear constantly.

I hope you have had some creative satisfaction with your sewing.

I have had to put my overlocker in for a service , isn’t it strange that I feel a little lost without it . The steps that I need to take to complete my sewing are suspended for a little bit .

How do you plan your sewing? Do you start with the fabric or the pattern ?                 I usually start with the fabric I fall in love with a print, weave , look or touch  and go from there.

This time however I took my lead from Marcy Tilton herself I can’t find a link but she made this pattern in the black nylon for a travel coat and I thought that was exactly what I was missing in my wardrobe. It is a wonderfully practical but so comfortable addition.

Happy Sewing,

Sue  🙂




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For the love of Grey

Hi there,

I am going to share with you today 2 makes or rather one make and one refashion both of which happen to be grey. Actually they are grey because I absolutely love this colour. It works as a great neutral with so many colours and I find myself drawn constantly to fabrics with grey tones.

First the make is a BurdaStyle pattern;

Faux Fur Coat 01/2016 #122

The fabrics I used are;

A lovely long grey faux fur from Lincraft and this lovely polyester satin as the lining. This time I was extra careful with cutting the fur.

NOTE: Make sure when cutting the fur fabric you only cut the backing fabric NOT the fur this will ensure a good finish.

This is a lovely jacket to wear it was a really quick sew. The pattern is simple to make ,the only thing to remember is to  vacuum often the fur gets everywhere !!!











The next grey interlude is a refashion well actually two but they started out the same. It started with the purchase of 2 grey artificial suede jackets. One a size medium and one a size large. They were at a factory outlet .

suede jkts.edjpgAs you can see if you look closely the jackets have a collar and lapel made from the reverse of the suede. I didn’t like this feature so unpicked them both and decided to remove the collar and keep the lapel once it was reversed on the medium jacket. Both jackets had a band at the back as a design feature I removed it from the medium jacket as I was keeping it as a jacket and I wasn’t a fan of the look.

With the large jacket I removed the collar and lapel and joined the jacket with a centre front seam. I altered the back band to have more shaping, and removed the sleeves so it became a sleeveless dress.


suede jkt4editsuedeedit jkt5ssuede jkt5edssuedeed jktssuedebacksuede jkt4ed


suede jktsedit2My positioning of the camera caused this artistic shot. What do you think?

Hope you are enjoying whatever you are doing, and getting lots done.

Happy sewing,

Sue 🙂

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A Little Bit of BurdaStyle


I LOVE BurdaStyle Magazines. I have been buying them ever since High School.That said I only buy them when the patterns in the issue really appeal.

This issue 2/2016 has some great patterns. I particularly like The Sheath Dress with notches pattern 129. I have made two versions of this pattern .

These are the fabrics I used;

A beautiful blue and white Jacquard, and a distressed looking pvc backed with black jersey.

The Jacquard is really fresh and light very transeasonal. I had to add cotton tape to the shoulders to ensure it didn’t stretch out of shape .jacquardinside

This pattern made up quite quickly it is not difficult ,but there are a lot of pieces, so pay attention to the instructions.Enjoy!

I love this version of this dress not only does it have pockets MY FAVOURITE addition but it is easy wearing doesn’t crush and just a bit of fun.


The other fabric I had thought would be more winter and it is but the style is so roomy that you need layers to make it warm though it does block the wind.


The sun was shining when I took these photos. Today is winter, grey cold and wet.

I hope you are doing lots of inspiring creating, it really does feed the soul.

Happy Sewing,

Sue 🙂

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