#MMMAY 16 Week 3

My Me Made May creations,

Top Row Left to right;

  1. Day 15 V8962 Top ,
  2. Day 16, Self drafted  pant
  3. Day 17,B6064 A Marcy Tilton top,
  4. Day 18, a self drafted vest,
  5. Day 19, V9070 Coat , Another wonderful Marcy Tilton pattern no blog post yet.
  6. Day 20, Style Arc “Penny” top,

7.Day 21, Self drafted top , no blog post.

My Indie pattern make for this week  : Style Arc “Tammy “dress

IMG_0791I made this dress out of scuba knit and left splits in the side so I can layer it as I have done here with my wonderful Style Arc “Elle” pants.

It is fun and comfortable and very easy to wear.A great versatile pattern, I really like the fit as well . This is a quick make I will definitely make more. My previous makes from this pattern are here

I really love this dress give it a try !

The Elle pant pattern if you like a slim fitted pant it is great as well.

Oh excuse the bandages in the pictures, I donate plasma regularly and it just happened to be on that day. Hope you are having fun with the seasonal sewing.

Happy Creating,

Sue 🙂



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Absolutely Inspiring 

I went to the MAAS Museum of Applied Arts and Sciences (the Powerhouse Museum) on the weekend to see the new exhibit

Isabella Blow : A Fashionable Life

This exhibit is wonderful, the amazing designs of Alexander Macqueen and the Hats or headpieces of Phillip Tracey are incredible. If you are in Sydney or if this exhibition comes to your City go see it !

Happy Creating,

Sue 🙂

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MMMAY 16 Week 2

Left to right top row;

1. Day 8:  StyleArc “Elle” pant, Marcy Tilton V8430 Jacket.

2. Day9: Tessuti “Sydney” Jacket

3. Day 10: Burda Style 2/2015 Pattern 124 top, Shape shape 2 pant/skirt.

4. Day11: Studio Faro   Japan skirt pattern.

Next Row:

5. Day 12 : Marcy Tilton V9057 top, Burda Style 10/2014 pattern 112

6.Day 13 : StyleArc “Elle” Pant, self drafted wrap.

7. Day 14: day,  StyleArc “Elle” Pant , Burda Style tops 12/2014 , pattern 101, and 10/2014 pattern 118.

8. Day 14: Evening Marcy Tilton V8430 jacket , V1410 Dress

My  Indie Make this week is the “Sydney ” Jacket by Tessuti

P1030166This is a great pattern.

The instructions are really good the way it comes together is very clever and it makes up very quickly.

I used 100% wool that is felted. The color is charcoal and so lovely and warm.

I thoroughly recommend this pattern I purchased the PDF and it worked really well.

A great addition to my Autumn wardrobe.

Happy Sewing ,

Sue 🙂

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MMMAY16 Week 1







MMMAY16 week 1 complete.

Here are the details starting top row Day 1 to 4 left to right I have added the links to those I have blogged about;

  1. Top V8962, Wrap self drafted.
  2. Boho Banjo “Willara” top, Style Arc “Marie “Jacket
  3. Vest Burda Style 10/2014 pattern 112
  4. Dress Burdastyle 10/2014 pattern 129, then next row
  5. Top Burda Style 12/2014 pattern 112, pant Style Arc “Elle”
  6. Marcy Tilton Pattern V9081
  7. Self drafted Top and skirt.

It is quite a challenge to make a point of wearing at least 1 garment I have made each day. It shows me the gaps in my made by me wardrobe. I am sadly lacking in casual clothes for hangin at home ,I haven’t really made any so I will have to fix that.

I also needed to blog about an indie pattern I had made this week so the winner is;


I have had this pattern for a little while it was a free download when I got it.            If you like it this is the website .

The fabric I chose is this grey reptile print sheer stretch. When cutting this fabric I realised that I would need to make a double layer front a back to get the effect and also for it to not be completely see-through. It was challenging to sew, sheer stretch moves a lot !!! I did lay tissue paper under it as I sewed as it stuck to the feed dogs a lot. I was in a bit of a hurry on this one so I don’t have construction pics. I will say though I really like this pattern and will make it again if my fabric hadn’t been so sheer I could have added pockets and I cut them out but realised pretty quickly that would be a bust.  Damn I love pockets in my clothes, Oh well can’t win them all.

I have worn this top heaps and  it features in the gallery above, I wore it on day 2 under a jacket I have yet to blog about . I will give the details soon but I am making a few so I want to do them all at once.

This is a really great pattern, it fits well I do like a nice wide neckline and I am particularly partial to 3/4 sleeves so for me it is ideal. It flows really well and there are lots of variations within the pattern so something for everyone.

Hope if you try it you like it as well.

Happy Sewing ,

Sue 🙂

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April return to the Past

I love the chance to try something new or think a little outside the usual scope of my comfort zone.

The challenge for April in the” Make a Garment a Month” Facebook group to which I am a member , was to make something from fabric or a pattern that had been in your collection for a while . This is not difficult for me as I hoard my fabric, I love the different types in my collection and have had some of them longer than I have had my husband .They are all waiting for me to find the perfect way to bring them to life. They are akin to my book collection ,favourites that I revisit again and again. The difference being once I commit to sewing my fabric then it is forever changed into a specific vision and although it can be changed possibly later on it is never again able to be quite as versatile as it is before I cut it.

My fabric choice was something that I had purchased about 10 years ago to make an outfit for my daughter when she was in primary school (she is now at University) so I have had it a while.

This fabric is a knit that possibly due to its age does not have much stretch,although I suspect it was always so ,and the pattern I made V8962 .               I like both of the versions for the top .

As is my habit I changed it up I made the A version of the top ,with the collar from B separate so I can wear it if I want but not all the time. This is an easy make, sews up really well the only change I would make next time is to reduce the length in the body .

I am not the tallest person (ha,ha) and always need to reduce the length of commercial patterns, that being the case I thought this time with this pattern, I might like it a little longer. I didn’t ! I ended up taking it off the hem , that made for a slightly less angled look which I think is not quite as interesting.

That being said I will wear this a lot I think as the weather cools it is really a comfortable top.

I mixed up the back and front of the fabric for interest I think it works well.

april make crop 2


April make

April make no collar

Back view no collar

This is a really good pattern ,I will be making the skirt out of it as well so I will put it up on the blog when it is done.

april make crop

Front view with collar

Happy Sewing,

Sue 🙂

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Leaping into”Me Made May”

So Zoe, put up the challenge and I have accepted I will wear for the month of May one garment each day that I have made. I will blog about it as I go so hopefully I can manage it. Part of the challenge will be to also make one garment from an indie pattern company each week as well, so keep your fingers crossed.

I have recently made a top and camisole that I love , I was looking through my BurdaStyle Magazines on the left is 12/2014 and on the right 10/2014 and thought I would make use of the gorgeous silk chiffon I got in Bali a couple of years ago as well as this double georgette fabric I bought as a lining.

The two images above are the silk chiffon in a batik pattern and the lining as well as the two garment images that inspired this make. I loved the sheer lace top and the multi layered dress so I thought I would combine them sought of.

I made the top  seen here it is Bs top pica boxy style with slim sleeves.

I had to be a little creative with the construction as I had not quite enough fabric (as is often the case when I buy without knowing what it will be). It is all constructed with french seams as both of these fabrics frayed like crazy. I even used cotton gloves       ( essential for fine fabrics)when working with them as my hands kept catching on the fabric ( not enough hand cream ,Oh well .)

Here is the undertop/ Cami details I made it longer than the top but shorter than the dress.



I have worn this combination a lot .The weather at the moment here is thinking about Autumn but keeps jumping back to summer so layers are the way to go.BStop pic 3.JPG


This is the view from my balcony gorgeous isn’t it!


BS top pic4

Back View

Bs top pic 1 This is such a fun and comfortable outfit to wear and as it cools down I can add a warm coat and boots and keep on wearing it a definite win in my books! I am always after versatility in my makes if possible I like to play with my clothes mix them up when I can.

How about you?

I have just cut out these two fabrics in this pattern (the top not the cami, neither is sheer),one is a gorgeous satin and the other an artificial  suede. Can’t wait to start they are in the queue and it’s a long one but I am going to jump them up as I want them now.

I hope you are enjoying your sewing, what are your go to patterns for your coming season?

Happy Sewing ,

Sue 🙂

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Loving Life

I was looking out the back this afternoon and thought I really love this time of year. Autumn is trying to arrive but today the afternoon was positively balmy.So I thought it would be fine to share something with you I made in Sumer but didn’t post.MT dress  1a.jpgMarcy Tilton pattern V9112 , I love this pattern I had looked at it and wanted it when it came out, picked it up as soon as I could and made my wearable muslin from this beautiful cotton voile.

MT dress white 1aIt is sheer and soft and beautiful to wear . This is a great dress for Summer I have worn it a lot I made a slip to wear under it as it is sheer.I realised when I started this post I don’t have a photo wearing it. I meant to take one but kept wearing it and forgot that I hadn’t. It is lovely and comfortable in summer the voile is great to wear.  This dress is roomy and works well . I will post photos in it soon.

Happy Sewing,

Sue 🙂



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A Dress for a Wedding

I have recently attended a wedding .

It was for my husband’s niece.

It was absolutely beautiful as I knew it would be!One shoulder dress edit

My self imposed project leading up to the wedding was to make a dress to wear. I am sure that you have all been in this type of position and the quest for the perfect dress was challenging , none the least because I had really enjoyed myself over the christmas festive season and as such am not as fit as I would like to be at the moment.

The pattern I found was on Craftsy from Pattern Runway and a downloadable PDF pattern.




These are the pattern details. For the fabric I selected this gorgeous border fabric it felt like silk I had it in my stash without details, and I lined it fully with a bemsilk lining to give it a bit more body.

This was lovely to make I used some charcoal chiffon for the bow to soften it.

The dress has a hem facing so it is very lovely and structured my only problem is I again wanted to use as much as possible of the fabric pattern and as such it is a little longer on me than the picture. This means I can’t stride out in it, small steps only which is ok in heels I guess but not if you are in a hurry.


This is a pattern I will definitely use again it was relatively quick ,is amazingly comfortable and feels divine on. A Winner in my book!!

I think you could make this as a summer day dress with a difference. It is fun and easy make. I think I may add pockets to my next one, I do love  pockets.

Do you have a go to evening pattern or style that is tried and true for you?

Hope you are enjoying whatever you do, the weather is turning colder here now, Autumn is trying to settle in but some days still have a touch of Summer.

I am sewing up a storm for Winter. I will fill you in as I get it done.

Happy Sewing ,

Sue 🙂




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Fabric Love


Hi there,

Sorry I have been slow getting back to my blogging , the start of the University year is always busy for us. One going  back to interstate for his last year of study and another starting her first year of College and University life.

Our eldest moved house at this time as well so it was all hands on deck for a while.

Even so I have of course been sewing any chance I get.IMG_0467

I saw this image and had to share, I don’t know about you but I can honestly say I have been striving to be an artist my whole creative life. I am always keen to learn more and improve my skill set and love to find new and better ways to create.

One of the latest makes I have to show you was a couple of cotton voile tops. I fell in love, as usual ,with the fabric but couldn’t bare to cut up the pattern so I went for simplicity.

Voile Top 1

Love this print !!!

Top 2

The Other Top

I made 2 Tops ,one as a gift ,and one for          myself.

The pattern is a self drafted simple fold over , edges finished, selvedge was the hem. With a line of stitching at the sides a really comfortable top to wear.

My sister in law was the recipient of the other  top and she loves hers as well.

Here are more pics

This top has been wonderful in our warm summer. I wore it a lot .

What is your most comfortable summer make?

Happy Sewing ,

Sue 🙂

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Pockets Please

Marbled dressMarbled dresspI recently( well last year), purchased a copy of a pattern by Sandra Betzina V1297.dresspkts pattern

I was really drawn to the interesting pocket detail,and the variations as well .
dresspkts skjpg
This pattern uses heaps of fabric due to the size of the pockets they are huge. I really love a pocket and put them in most of the garments I make for myself.

I bought this gorgeous crinkle knit ,dresspktsit looks like shades of denim but is sheer. I thought I had enough for the version pictured in black and white but I couldn’t manage it . So I made the other pictured version. No worries though ,I love what I’ve done. This was a quick make, as most knit fabric sewing is.


As you can see in the above pictures, there are a few construction details that are possibly of interest. I needed to stabilise some seams with bias tape , so I used grey as it was the best colour match, and cut it to the width I needed. As I was cutting the fabric I loved the effect of the selvage . It is crinkled and has more depth of compressed colour . I have used it to edge the armholes and the neck edge, it gives a really cool effect and works well with the dress.

I overlocked the edges in grey which seemed the best colour match.

As it is sheer at the time I made it I realised I also needed to make a slip .

The grey stretch fabric worked really well with the dress so it was selected for the slip . All hems were stitched using twin needles in conjunction with a walking foot to give a good finish.

Capture mCapture m2

I really recommend this pattern , this is a  fun and comfortable dress to wear , I will definitely make it again. Actually I have already cut out my next. More later…

Happy Sewing,

Sue 🙂



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