Self Drafted inspiration

My drawing of the pattern

My drawing of the pattern

I have made  my interpretation of a dress that  my sister in law owns.

I had taken it up for her and drafted up a version for myself.

My initial sketch with design details is pictured here.

I will set the scene.

My husband and I took a mini vacation by the beach early in the new year and since it was to be short I agreed to leave my sewing machine at home. After a lovely time eating and reading we encountered a few days of rain so I had to engage in some retail therapy and as I am on a Ready To Wear Fast a fabric store was my goal. I ended up in Spotlight and luckily of course they were having a great sale so I found some lovely stretch among other things to add to my collection .I also picked up some thread to leave at our holiday unit.

dress fabric I found the sketch I had made of my sister-inlaws dress in the sketch book I had bought away with me. While admiring my fabric and being somewhat obsessed with making things from fabric. I thought I would have a go by hand with a needle and thread while on holiday, sad I know, but I had to do something the fabric was calling to me.

Do you ever have that absolute need to do something with fabric even when the practical side of you or the person with you (in this case my husband)tells you that really you should wait till you are with your machine. The result was wearable but I wasn’t happy with the look not smooth enough and for me the drape didn’t seem to give the effect I wanted. So when I got home I sewed it up on the machine and changed the armhole position to the folded side making it  more flattering I think.
elasticneck edge front Cath dress

Front view one shoulder dress

Front view one shoulder dress

I love the feel of this dress its great for summer.
Happy Sewing
Sue 😉

back view Cath dress

Back View

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Australian fabric fanatic who loves to sew and create interesting garments . Creativity is my mantra.
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