Fun Skirt Style

I am feeling pretty good about my sewing at the moment. Don’t you just love it when a plan comes together.

floral cottonI have had this lovely printed cotton for a long time it was a part of my fabric stash that had been waiting for the right garment.I have just finished a fun colourful skirt that was so easy and fun . I used a pattern I have had for quite a while Vogue 2092. This is a wonderful pattern the skirt has no waistband .Oh Yeah !I am a big fan of  the lack of waistband on a skirt .It is so comfortable it to sits on your hips, and it has a nice straight style.

pattern V2092I had not used this pattern before so this is my wearable muslin. I lined it in voile as a layer , as it wasn’t very heavy and a separate lining in white polyester for comfort.

skirt sketch

I drafted the pattern onto cotton fabric to fit and do adjustments before cutting.The skirt has 2 sets of darts in the front and the back.

skirt muslin wearableThe skirt has a back zipper and a back split. I have actually cut out another two skirts from this pattern and will talk about them when they are done.

skirt muslin  pattern

skirt muslin front edit patternThe skirt required a little bit more fabric than I had so I had to find some extra cotton for part of the facing.

.waist facingskirt back zipskirt multi3skirt multiskirt size adjustI needed to adjust the side seams before completion as it was a little bit bigger than I wanted. It fits well and is a great addition to my wardrobe. It is such a lovely colour and it is so comfortable . I have decided for myself life is to short to wear uncomfortable clothing. I love style but really value garments that are not hard work to wear.

skirt zip multi3

coloured skirt 3coloured skirt 1coloured skirt 2coloured skirt 4

Happy Sewing,

Sue 🙂

About suebsewbyme

Australian fabric fanatic who loves to sew and create interesting garments . Creativity is my mantra.
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4 Responses to Fun Skirt Style

  1. robindrush says:

    love the colors and the style of that skirt

  2. sewdooley says:

    Love the floral print and envy your warm weather. A great fitting skirt can be so comfortable, I’m a fan.

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