Lovely Green Lace

A few years ago , I was given some lace by my friend . She had received it from a deceased estate that had been left with her. It wasn’t something that she would use so she gifted it to me. Not long after I received it I made some things.

I spent a bit of time deciding what I would make and settled for a cropped bomber jacket and a long jacket .

This is the bomber jacket pattern I used .
It looks very cute but not on me so I gave it to a dear young friend .
This is more my style

I made the long version self drafted with a split sleeve and side splits and used vintage glass buttons and thread loops to close it . As I like long tunic style tops, I have a self drafted pattern I use, (although now unless they have split sides I can’t really wear them sitting in my wheelchair). I am adding split sides to lots of previous makes these days, so that I can still wear them.

It is a light layer to wear .
I don’t have a picture of me in it but I have worn it a few times.

Hope you are enjoying your week . May creativity fuel your days. I have loads of garments to share with you over time hope you like these.

Happy Sewing,



About suebsewbyme

Australian fabric fanatic who loves to sew and create interesting garments . Creativity is my mantra.
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3 Responses to Lovely Green Lace

  1. Susan Smiley says:

    That’s beautiful Sue. I’m really enjoying your blog, I get excited when I receive a notification ❤️❤️

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