Versatile Fun and Transition ready

Hi today I made a decision to not rely on my family to take my photos . I know this seems a bit of a no brainer but it didn’t occur to me that my little camera would have a self timer but lo and behold it does. I had been reading another blog a few days ago and the writer had talked about how she had used the  self timer on her camera to take her great shots.

I was inspired.

Firstly I went to my husbands camera a big professional type digital as he has a tripod and I knew it would fit. All good except the battery was flat. So I decided to balance my tiny camera on his large tripod. I couldn’t attach it but it seemed to work. Here are the pictures of the set up.
IMG_2082 IMG_2084

My first attempt is of my starting garments for the transition from summer to autumn . I ordered for the first time a number of patterns from Vogue online. I had never done this before but the patterns I wanted are not available in our Australian stores yet and they were all on sale. I am thrilled with what I picked up. Here they are:winter patterns

The first make is a Vogue designer pattern V1410 a Lyn Mizono design.
winter patterns.jpg2   fabric dress

I purchased this poly blend cheaply from a local fabric store to make my wearable muslin.

Also the colours of this will coordinate well with my transition garments and it is really comfortable and adjustable .
pattern blue dresspattern detail blue dressstitch detail dress

This is a seemingly simple pattern only has 2 pattern pieces. But French seams are needed and although it makes up quickly it requires a  care, and attention to detail. I love it.  It is fine in the still warm weather we have but I envisage putting tights or leggings under and long sleeve tops and jackets over when the weather cools down.

dress blue edgeblue dress stitch.fixjpg I discovered when I was assembling the dress that I had not cut the hem on the back evenly ,(I have no idea what happened but as it is checked I had to match some more fabric to get what I was after. The result took a fraction longer than it should have but I think it came out just fine.
blue dress front blue dress back1

Front view buttoned

Front view buttoned

buttoned to the middle on one side and bottom at the other

buttoned to the middle on one side and bottom at the other

buttoned up to make the top version

buttoned up to make the top version

This dress is ingenious with the way you can adjust the length depending on whether you want a top or dress. There are three buttons on the inside and buttonholes at the side seam near the hem . Very clever I will be making this in a heavier weight fabric for winter I think.

blue dress back 1

I also have started on this Marcy Tilton pattern. V9081

black jkt MT.patternjpgI have made the jacket and this will go with both my wearable muslin, and the dress that I will be making for cooler weather. I have made it in a knit back fabric with embossed pattern.

sheer black MT

jkt pattern image

The jacket came together quickly and will be very handy to have on hand .jkt MT knit stitching

black jkt MT

black jkt MTbutton hook

black jkt MTbutton I decided to overlock the seams and it works. I have worn it and it is a comfortable little jacket.

I am really looking forward to making the garments I have planned for the cooler months. It is lovely to see the creations of all the talented people whose work I wake up to on the internet each day. My RTW fast really is going great and I have no plans to stop.

Next step : I really just need to carve out some time to organize the chaos that is my creative space.

Happy Sewing,

Sue 🙂

About suebsewbyme

Australian fabric fanatic who loves to sew and create interesting garments . Creativity is my mantra.
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8 Responses to Versatile Fun and Transition ready

  1. Jacqui says:

    I love the beginning of your wardrobe – and have both patterns your Lyne Mizono has inspired me to get cracking with mine!

    Jacqui NZ

  2. Martha Ann says:

    What a wonderful start! The dress sounds like fun but I think I am too short to deal with that much fabric! Im going to do the jacket though.May I suggest you stand before a white background while snapping your photos? I think the garments might be a little clearer or even try using a flash?

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  4. Sue you are such a prolific sewer! Some amazing dresses here. I just noticed how similar this pattern is to the last pattern puzzle. It was posted yesterday and you can see the results here: Keep up the excellent work. 🙂

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