April return to the Past

I love the chance to try something new or think a little outside the usual scope of my comfort zone.

The challenge for April in the” Make a Garment a Month” Facebook group to which I am a member , was to make something from fabric or a pattern that had been in your collection for a while . This is not difficult for me as I hoard my fabric, I love the different types in my collection and have had some of them longer than I have had my husband .They are all waiting for me to find the perfect way to bring them to life. They are akin to my book collection ,favourites that I revisit again and again. The difference being once I commit to sewing my fabric then it is forever changed into a specific vision and although it can be changed possibly later on it is never again able to be quite as versatile as it is before I cut it.

My fabric choice was something that I had purchased about 10 years ago to make an outfit for my daughter when she was in primary school (she is now at University) so I have had it a while.

This fabric is a knit that possibly due to its age does not have much stretch,although I suspect it was always so ,and the pattern I made V8962 .               I like both of the versions for the top .

As is my habit I changed it up I made the A version of the top ,with the collar from B separate so I can wear it if I want but not all the time. This is an easy make, sews up really well the only change I would make next time is to reduce the length in the body .

I am not the tallest person (ha,ha) and always need to reduce the length of commercial patterns, that being the case I thought this time with this pattern, I might like it a little longer. I didn’t ! I ended up taking it off the hem , that made for a slightly less angled look which I think is not quite as interesting.

That being said I will wear this a lot I think as the weather cools it is really a comfortable top.

I mixed up the back and front of the fabric for interest I think it works well.

april make crop 2


April make

April make no collar

Back view no collar

This is a really good pattern ,I will be making the skirt out of it as well so I will put it up on the blog when it is done.

april make crop

Front view with collar

Happy Sewing,

Sue 🙂

About suebsewbyme

Australian fabric fanatic who loves to sew and create interesting garments . Creativity is my mantra.
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