Here I Go Again, 2018 RTW FAST

RTW2018Hi there ,

I have committed to the RTW Fast again,  this time for 2018.

I am hopeful that I will have a little more time this year to sew up the gorgeous fabrics in  my stash. I plan on getting more organised in my sewing room and will plan to post as often once a week if I can .

My first make for this year is a pair of pants using the Tessuti Robbie Pant. This is my go to summer pant so comfortable in Linen . This version I had cut out with my others last summer but hadn’t finished . I didn’t put the pockets on them this time and I quite like the clean look.

These have already been worn a few times they are great. The temperature here has been ridiculously hot ( 47.1 degrees Celsius ) the top ,so it helps to have comfy cool clothing .

How are your sewing plans for the New Year? I have decided to make use of the shrink your stash challenge .stash tracker

My plan is to make use of more of my fabric collection which lets face it is extensive and try to not to buy any more and keep track. I am in awe at the expected output of a fellow 2018 RTW fast member and blogger I have just discovered Sarah. This is where I got the link so have a look ,amazing plan.


I cannot commit to this level of sewing as I still have a year of my course to finish but I am going to be more mindful of making what is missing in my wardrobe and giving away those things I don’t wear, it’s time.

Ambitious or achievable? I am a fan of ambitious planning to achieve as much as possible ,it keeps me moving.

I have to keep up the momentum I have missed sewing for myself . I need to organise my stash and make note of what I have .The challenge is also that my sewing room is in the attic with no air conditioning  just a fan to keep me cool. In Summer Cotton gloves are my new best friend keeps sweat marks off delicate fabrics. In Winter alpaca finger less gloves keep me warm. We do whatever we need to and for me sewing is a necessary part of my creative life, I get so much satisfaction from it and I love it.

I hope you are finding satisfaction from the process and the  success in your creative pursuits.

Happy Sewing ,

Sue  🙂

About suebsewbyme

Australian fabric fanatic who loves to sew and create interesting garments . Creativity is my mantra.
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