A Spot of Fun

Hi there,

I get inspiration from lots of different places. A picture of something, a glimpse of a shape or colour that looks interesting can spark the quest to make the item that fulfils the promise made to self . My inspiration for the newest blogged garment came from an image I screenshot from a website or blog I didn’t make a note of the source  but here it is. I love the look of this so  I thought I would attempt to make a version that worked for me.denim
Now I am sure you are aware I am not a tall model type so I needed to factor in what I have learned about styles that suit me.

  1. Must not drown me in fabric
  2. Must not be to long cropped lengths work best.
  3. Must be comfortable or I won’t wear it.
  4. Must also be practical, anything too like hard work will stay in the wardrobe as well.
  5. Must be  made from fabric from my stash.                                                                                                                                                                                             Armed with my riding instructions I went looking in my stash for denim that would work. I have a bit of denim as I had bought it to make shorts and pants for my kids but then didn’t. I have also bought it to use for myself over the years but for some reason didn’t use it.                            This is the fabric I found.denim printeditIt is a spotty denim print .As you can see in this next picture the blue is printed onto the white denim. Leaving white spots.inside denim edit I decided to use a favourite pattern that I thought would lend itself to the design I wanted.  The pattern I used is a McCalls. From the NYNY collection 6437.I had made this pattern years ago and I still enjoy wearing the garment.IMG_5571editThe style I was after was a little different but it gave me a point to start from. I have no construction photos it was a fast and furious make , you know when something is coming together well, and you have time, you just race on with it.                              I decided to incorporate the selvage as a trim .selvidge edit It is interesting.                                                                            I overlocked my seams .edit seamsand I gave my self a large hem just in case I change my mind on the length.                                                                                                                                                       Hem denim edit

The finished jumpsuit is fun and comfortable I am very happy with this my next RTWFAST 2018 garment. The denim is light weight and its any easy wear jumpsuit.

A fun summer addition that will do well for my Tafe classes I think.

I hope you a having fun and success with all that you do.

Happy Sewing  🙂


About suebsewbyme

Australian fabric fanatic who loves to sew and create interesting garments . Creativity is my mantra.
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