Me Made May 2020 part 2

Hi there,

I needed to break up the me made may post just because of the sheer volume of information  and  of time involved.  I am not a fan of hours in front of a screen , so  I needed to break it up. Now we have the rest of the month Day 16, to Day 31 .

Day 16 to 31.

Day 31

The list of garments,

Day 16:- Fabric from Spotlight last year, a self drafted cosy top .

Day 17 :- Pattern Marcy Tilton V8430 again. A boiled wool that I needle felted on to replicate the design on the pattern envelope.

Day 18:- The Travel Dress from Rhonda Buss at . A great pattern made from Spotlight lightweight knit with wool surface design.

Day 19 :- Kyoto Vest from Tessuti patterns made in a wool remnant from The fabric Store.

Day 20 :- Leopard print knit fabric from Spotlight in blue. The pattern is from Studiofaro design ideas pattern challenge.

Day 21:- A felted silk wrap shawl. I made this in a workshop I did with Rae Woolnough. a textile  artist in Sydney.

Day 22 :- A Raincoat that is my go to it is a Marcy Tilton pattern V9070 I made it in black rainproof fabric from Spotlight.

Day 23:- This is a three way wrap I made from a Pitt Trading wool remnant.

Day 24 :- A Style Arc “Samantha”top. I have made it before in this.

Day 25 :- A grey fake fur coat , fabric from Spotlight the pattern is Burda Style  here .

Day 26 :- A lovely felted wool coat lined in silk , a Burda Style pattern details here.

Day 27 :- A self drafted A line dress in fabric I absolutely adore. I am sorry I had it on my stash and did not make a note of where I got it.

Day 28 :- A self drafted jumpsuit details here. 

Day 29 :- A over top in silk and a satin under slip top both Burda Style patterns details here.

Day 30 :-V9305 Tunic , I have made it before.

Day 31 :- A wool Coat fabric from The Fabric Store last winter. Finished this Autumn. A Burda style pattern 6987.

I hope you are well and safe and staying on top at this crazy time.

The more I am delving into the garments I have made , I am rediscovering those pieces I love and those I need to tweak . Over time  my taste has changed and also  my wardrobe requirements . I find these days (when I get back to work) that I am more often in pants and rarely in dresses even in Summer so my wardrobe will have to adjust accordingly. I am not wearing heels these days so hems need to be adjusted to reflect that. Versatility is the backbone of my creative process I love making things that can be worn a number of ways.

As we move into winter here in Australia I realise I have neglected my winter garments and need to up my game. I am spending a lot of time in my workroom but doing lots for others and not much for myself , time to readjust. I hope to have some new makes to show, and  will blog those I haven’t, It is time to get to work.

Take care, happy creating,

Sue 🙂


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Australian fabric fanatic who loves to sew and create interesting garments . Creativity is my mantra.
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