Travel Must Have


This is a pattern I found on;

It is a really fabulous  pattern that is self drafted following Rhonda’s instructions. It is important to use a two way stretch fabric . I had this amazing fabric in my stash and decided to do my own spin on the style.

Using more of my stash

I fell in love with this fabric and have had it for a while.

travel dress fabric.close up

The fabric is a sheer knit with this lovely rich felt like stitching forming the pattern. It has lovely caramel , grey and creamy white tones. Upon finding the free pattern Friday blog Rhonda has I fell in love with this particular style of dress. I love the versatility. An article of clothing that can be worn in many different ways. The pattern is really just 2 rectangles the top is the length from one wrist to the other and the depth to a little below the waist. Cut 2. The skirt is body width and length that works for you add seam allowance and cut 2.

Check out Rhonda’s blog for the details.

This version of the dress I felt due to the sheer fabric I was using would need  lining of the torso and skirt so I have used a black jersey. I haven’t lined the sleeves or the entire length of the skirt.

The side seams on the skirt are wide enough to open up inside and be stitched to form a channel in which to thread strings to help in the different ways you can  wear it. For this you will need 2 channels on each side of the skirt and 2 along each of the shoulder to wrist seams. I also added draw strings to the wrists of mine to give a gathered sleeve as well. There is a band around the neckline also about 5cm finished width.

travel dress skirt part1

The skirt section before drawstrings are added and the top attached. 

Gathered sleeve

Gathered sleeve   , I have added additional draw strings in the wrist of my dress as I am not tall and when it is a dress I need a slimmer opening to balance it out . The top style however is fine on my frame with big sleeves.  I felt when I added the drawstrings that the knot at the ends were not substantial enough or interesting so I decided to do some beading on the black net and encase the knots .

















The assembled dress

The assembled dress with wide sleeve

Beading for the drawstring ends

Beading for the drawstring ends

the encased ends of ties

the encased ends of ties

Gathered sleeve

Gathered sleeve

Skirt ties drawn up and shoulder ties as well

Skirt ties drawn up and shoulder ties as well Now it is a short sleeve top

drawn up shoulder ties

drawn up shoulder ties . This is a great dress to wear . It is a shame that I finished it just as the weather turned hot , I haven’t been able to wear it the wool threads really do not work in summer I will have to make it in a normal jersey next time.
Happy Sewing ,








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5 Responses to Travel Must Have

  1. sewbussted says:

    How lovely!!! This could even be worn out for cocktails. Beautiful fabric. I think you may see it on my blog tomorrow 🙂 hopefully the weather will turn cool enough so you can enjoy your creation.

    • suebsewbyme says:

      Thanks , I am really looking forward to wearing it 😊

    • suebsewbyme says:

      Hi Rhonda , I saw the Issey Miyake pattern 2126 on your blog it is just what I have been after for an event I am going to , is there any chance you could photograph the sheet with the pattern pieces for me I would love to try to self draft this ?
      Thanks for the inspiration,
      Sue 🙂

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