The MUST HAVE coat !

Hi there,

I made this coat pattern Marcy Tilton V9070MT Coat1 at the start of winter. In this black nylon with these buttons.MT Coat2

MT Coa4t

These are the basic details .But I really have to tell you this is a wonderful coat. It is my go to rain coat stylish and folds up to nothing a great throw in the bag coat or outer layer to insulate. It is an excellent travel coat.
I have lived in this coat from the moment it was finished I adore it.

MT Coat



Coat 2

If you have not tried this pattern, do yourself a favour.

It is detailed, but that’s fine, you do have to be a little careful ,but it is not hard to make.

I intend to make it again but for evening, I think it would be a great evening coat. It has lots of pockets and a great shape. I wear it all the time. It is really my go to coat. I wore it all through winter and I will use it year round.  It is light but this coat provides a barrier from the elements, making it just perfect for me. I love casual but interesting shapes. I find that Marcy Tilton patterns usually tick the boxes for me .The shapes and design lines I love and I found this one yet again hits the mark.

Don’t you just love it when you hit gold with a make. What is the pattern that has worked perfectly for you? Or fabric that is exactly right?

There is nothing nicer when the planets align and what you make you wear constantly.

I hope you have had some creative satisfaction with your sewing.

I have had to put my overlocker in for a service , isn’t it strange that I feel a little lost without it . The steps that I need to take to complete my sewing are suspended for a little bit .

How do you plan your sewing? Do you start with the fabric or the pattern ?                 I usually start with the fabric I fall in love with a print, weave , look or touch  and go from there.

This time however I took my lead from Marcy Tilton herself I can’t find a link but she made this pattern in the black nylon for a travel coat and I thought that was exactly what I was missing in my wardrobe. It is a wonderfully practical but so comfortable addition.

Happy Sewing,

Sue  🙂




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Australian fabric fanatic who loves to sew and create interesting garments . Creativity is my mantra.
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3 Responses to The MUST HAVE coat !

  1. Charlotte says:

    I love your version of this coat! It looks wonderful on you. I think I may have to re-think about buying this pattern after seeing yours….as a light raincoat I may use it.

    • suebsewbyme says:

      Thanks Charlotte I have two more versions of this in the works one evening and the other light weight for spring. You won’t regret it I live in my light raincoat it blocks the wind and also it’s a great light jacket.
      Enjoy Sue 🙂

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