I Love V8430

This Marcy Tilton design  has been so versatile that I have made 4 jackets from this pattern.

MTjkt editThe first one I made was a little evening jacket. I used this fabric a black and silver lace like fabric.

fabric metallic.jpg


This fabric was great as it doesn’t fray so edges didn’t need finishing. It was a really quick make.

Next was my grey felted fabric


fabricback.jpgon the left is the outside and the right the inside it’s a really interesting wool. A really fun layering piece .I featured it in my MMMay16 week 4.



day 28The next jacket I made is an interpretation I altered it this time by making it longer and  I added pockets . The fabric I used was from a box of fabric given to me years ago that had come from a  menswear  factory. I used two  different pieces of wool .



The top one is a boiled wool and the bottom is a herringbone wool suiting. I lined it with my brown bemsilk lining that I purchased a whole roll of from Tessuti a few years ago . It is so good.

This is a lovely warm jacket to wear . Its first outing was to the rugby and it was great.

The latest make was using the boiled wool again but this time I made a short jacket and I tried my hand at felting for the first time.

I love it how fun this is.felting.jpg

If you get a chance try it.

It is easy and quick .

Gives you loads of creative options.

This is a fun warm jacket I think the felted details add character .

I am so happy with this make it came together really quickly.

This is the easiest pattern to use and it really lets you play.If you can get it do yourself a favour you will use it . I am a real fan of Marcy Tilton patterns ,she makes really easy to wear designs that are a joy to make.

What are you making?
Star’s Threads

I am taking part in the September sew for 30 minutes a day.

Not that I need any incentive I would happily sew all day if I could.

This is an incentive by Stars Threads, a member of the Make a garment a month facebook group.

 I am madly trying to catch up on the things I said I would make . Details soon.

Happy Sewing ,

Sue 🙂

About suebsewbyme

Australian fabric fanatic who loves to sew and create interesting garments . Creativity is my mantra.
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