Me Made May 2020


I decided to participate in Me Made May  again for  2020. I felt like it gave me something to do a purpose if you will to wear one garment made by me everyday for the month of May. I really love the clothes I make sometimes for a long time, and sometimes temporarily and I find new homes for them. So here are the ones for Autumn this year.

My choices for the first 15 days;

Day 1IMG_3129                 TabardDay 2

Day 3Style Arc dressKimono jkt remakeDay 4

Day 5Wiksten Top      Sandra Betzina pattern 6

Day 7Tessuti JktSeldrafted Mexican weave top 8

SB Top,jkt,skirtDay 9 Wiksten Tunic 10

Day 11Lace Jktselfdrafted top12

Day 13MT jktDay 14Burda Style top and vest

Tessuti Sydney jktDay 15

Day 1:- A self drafted top made from an open weave silk remnant.

Day 2 :- A Wool Tabard  pattern V1569 made from fabric from Spotlight a wool textured weave and assorted wool remnants from my stash.

Day 3 :- Style Arc patterns Sydney Dress in a tencel and cotton mix.

Day 4 :- A self drafted reversible jacket using silk from a vintage kimono jacket . I unpicked the kimono jacket then discovered that the reverse of the fabric was wonderful so I knew it needed to be reversible

reverse kimono

reverse side of jacket

Day 5 :- Wiksten Shift top made in Liberty cotton from The Fabric Store.

Day 6 :- A V1355 Sandra Betzina pattern I like to call secret pyjamas. Also with a reversible top and a reversible self drafted wrap. I do like versatility in my clothes.

Day 7 :- A V9057 Marcy Tilton top pattern and the Tessuti  Sydney Jacket.

Day 8:- A boxy style top self drafted using a remnant from Spotlight.

Day 9:- My entry in Tessuti  knots and Crosses competition using V1644 Kathryn Brenne pattern for the jacket. A self drafted top and a Shape Shape 2 skirt/pant pattern.

Day 10 :- Wiksten Shift in Linen from Pitt trading .

Day 11 :- A V1356 Sandra Betzina jacket  made in a textured lace layered fabric from Spotlight.

Day 12 :- A self drafted top made in “Cotton + Steel, cotton fabric , Wildwood peonies navy”. If you get a chance to use this fabric made by this company it is gorgeous to wear. I purchased mine from Miss Matabi Japanese fabric store online.

Day 13 :- A Marcy Tilton pattern V8430 this is a tried and true pattern I go back to it a lot.

Day 14 :- A Burda style Day with the top (made in silk chiffon)  a 12/2015 magazine pattern 124, and the vest (boiled wool ) pattern 112 from magazine 10/2014.

Day 15 :- Top is a sheer stretch Willara pattern from Boho banjo patterns, the jacket is another Tessuti Sydney Jacket another tried and true pattern.

I hope you are well and feeling positive . This new world we find ourselves in will take some getting used to , stay safe be kind to yourself and others.

Happy creating if you can ,

Sue 🙂


About suebsewbyme

Australian fabric fanatic who loves to sew and create interesting garments . Creativity is my mantra.
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