Felt Jacket Burda Style Pattern

        I found this amazing felt fabric,at Lincraft in Castle Hill and I knew I had to have it.I used some birthday money to make it feel more of a celebration and I think also to justify the purchase. This is wonderful ,the color graduation and the warmth of the fabric just appealed to me . I purchased the fabric before I knew what pattern I would use ,( I know) that is the wrong way to approach it but I had to have this fabric so I guesstimated and had to be a little creative to get my result. I was lucky it worked out. I didn’t do a muslin first because I thought hey a coat no biggie. WRONG!!!


Before adjustment This is the first fitting when I realized it was too large and needed to be shortened. I had to take it apart and redo it I shortened the bodice and reduced the bulk in the sleeves. This meant that as I am one of the vertically challenged It now no longer drowns me and doesn’t look like I am wearing an amazons coat.  It is perfect now and I am really happy. I got the pattern from  Burda Style magazine and I am pleased with the end result.

I was looking for the shape that collarless almost geometric look and found it with 103.This is a delight to wear comfortable not too heavy and feels amazing thanks to the silk lining.I am so happy that even though I was a little rushed to start I was able to recover from my early error .

Happy Sewing ,

Sue 🙂


About suebsewbyme

Australian fabric fanatic who loves to sew and create interesting garments . Creativity is my mantra.
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