Fur fun

Back belt view

Back belt view

I found this great fur remnant recently and thought it would make a lovely warm vest.

The red and black is a lovely combination. the lining was some satin that I had initially bought to line another jacket, but I have lost enthusiasm for that, I will rethink it.

I decided that this was perfect for my fur vest. the pattern does not have much shape and as I have had to join the fur to get the length it is possibly not as sleek as it might otherwise be. Saying this though I still like it! It’s  colorful,fun and warm. The pattern calls for the vest to have a belt, I am not sure I like the belt on it but I am using one I had. I didn’t want to make one. Sewing the fur is a challenge bigger stitches are required and slower speed because of the bulk. It wasn’t too hard ,another new experience.

For future reference I now know that when cutting fur fabric cut the base fabric not the fur so you don’t get distinctive lines in the garment.

Happy sewing,


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Australian fabric fanatic who loves to sew and create interesting garments . Creativity is my mantra.
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