Snoop September Sewing

Hi there,

For this month in The Make A Garment A  Month group I am a part of the theme is snoop sewing. Finding something somewhere and copying it for yourself. Great huh?

I have been looking for a while to make another fur vest my first one is here.

I do love my red one but as someone who is vertically challenged, I Vest inspirationfind I am easily overwhelmed with bulky garments. I thought I needed something not as bold a little bit fun but not to bulky for me.

So I saw this vest :

I decided that I wanted  it to button up in the front and also to be shorter like the one pictured. I played with options and looked at lots of online variations then went shopping for fake fur to use.I love the color grey so I started with this panel of Fur fabric from Spotlight . I love the look of the  fake fur the stripes and tones it feels wonderful.

shape,shape 2 pant.jpg vestThen I got some black PVC from my stash to use with it.

The contrast

The contrast

The pattern is a self drafted one .

Preliminary sketch idea

I made a sketch of the idea I had.

This was an interesting make sewing PVC is very like sewing leather so I needed to use a walking foot and a leather needle . What made it challenging was the fur  it is thick and tricky to sew as well. I took it slowly and carefully to make it well. For the inside, I have lined it with an acetate .Lining The buttonholes were done very carefully and I used tissue paper to help keep the PVC from sticking to the foot.

Fur vest Inside front

Coming together

Coming together

Fur Vest

Back View Vest

The vest is a great addition to wear with my culottes from this post . I really like these together both have PVC used in them and it links them they are both incredibly easy to wear. I had hoped to get this finished while it was still cool but the weather is warming here.  I hope to get a bit of wear from this fun addition to my wardrobe before spring really arrives.

Happy Sewing,

Sue 🙂

About suebsewbyme

Australian fabric fanatic who loves to sew and create interesting garments . Creativity is my mantra.
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5 Responses to Snoop September Sewing

  1. lovenicky says:

    I love your whole outfit here! You can go to a rock concert in this!

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